Welcome to EndGameTV

From 5 years ago to now! To build what we love, to realize what we want, and to celebrate with all of you.

Welcome to the official website!

EndGameTV is a creative esports events and production group, creating the tournaments, broadcasts, and content in your favorite games. Why? Also simple! Our team⁠—nerds⁠—liked a game or two. A lot. And we wanted to create and enjoy competitive, engaging, and inclusive experiences around these games we love.

Since 2015, the team’s been dedicated to Splatoon, Smash Bros, and Mario Kart communities around the world and streamlined esports production. You can read more about us and our work on our About page.

We’re also looking for volunteer writers! If you’re interested in writing articles covering your favorite games’s communities, their events, and stories, let us know. You can indicate your interest or send your article pitches to hello@endgame.tv, or message Eirik (eirik#5674) on Discord. 

Enjoyed these events? Great – we hope to keep ’em coming. Haven’t been to one? Follow us – we’re always events are on their way!

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