The Fates of USA West, Denmark, Latin America, Ireland – The 2020 MKWC Group B Preview

Group B is quite an interesting group, with many different types of players and teams there will be definitely be some exciting matches coming in the group stage. Let’s get into each individual team…

USA West

Predicted Lineup: Sane, Killua, TK, Jack, Bobby (bagging)

USA West is definitely a favorite to win this group. With powerhouse players who have seen long term success such as Killua, TK and Sane they have the running power for sure complimented nicely with one of the best baggers in the world: Bobby. If this team can maintain chemistry and a consistent lineup throughout the group stage I can see them winning the group quite cleanly.


Predicted Lineup: Denmark, Chéron, Kasper, Yasu, Ice (Bagging)

Denmark is a very interesting team and definitely a team to watch out for in this group. With 3 out of 4 runners being together in Metro Wipeout I believe that chemistry will not be a problem for team Denmark. However in the bagging department there may be some issues. Ice does not have that much experience bagging in wars and the shock department may be an area of concern for Denmark. However if everything comes together I can see this team finishing as high as second.

Latin America

Predicted Lineup: Gomez, Mike, Akmeaf, Nact/Broly, Jaggy (Bagging)

Team Latin America is the dark horse of this group. This team has a very deep lineup with players like Doseee and Jorge also being available to sub in I can see this team doing quite well, even being able to challenge USA West. I personally have scrolled a few times with team LTA and the chemistry definitely seems to be there and if everything comes together I can see them doing well and possibly even beating USA West.   Bagging wise I am not sure how good Jaggy is so the shock department may be an issue for this team as well but I think their running power more than makes up for it.


Predicted Lineup: Roy, Sean, Dermo, LT, Daragh (Bagging)

Team Ireland had a good showing in the play in stage, beating many teams convincingly and cementing their spot in the group stage. With experienced runners such as Roy and Sean leading the way I can see Ireland being somewhat successful in this group. Dermo and LT are a bit more inexperienced but have proved themselves to be solid runners both putting up big scores in the play in stage and will compliment Sean and Roy well. Bagging wise Daragh is one of the more experienced baggers in this group, consistently bagging at a high level successfully. Overall, if everything goes to plan I can also see Ireland finishing as high as second place in this group. 

Who Wins?

In conclusion, Group B will make for many exciting close matches throughout the entire group stage as every team is closely matched and each have their strengths and weaknesses.

However, I believe at the end of the group stage USA West will take first in the group as they have the most experienced and balanced lineups with few weaknesses compared to other teams. Second place through fourth place will be very closely contested as each team is similar skill wise. Denmark has such a strong running presence to watch out for but lack an experienced bagger which is a similar situation to which team Latin America faces. Conversely, team Ireland has a strong consistent bagger but lack a strong running presence throughout.

  1. USA West
  2. Team Latin America
  3. Denmark
  4. Ireland