The Fates of USA East, Canada, Asia, Italy – The 2020 MKWC Group C Preview

For the most part, Group C of the Mario Kart World Cup is a star-studded and intensely packed group, full of amazing players and phenomenal talents. In this article, I will take a look into these teams, noting the strongest and weakest points in these teams gameplays, as well as my prediction for this Group.

USA East

Undetermined main lineup, however the projected lineup: Kasper, Shawn, Ken, Zagler, Maq

Team United States East have been racking up all of the scrimmage wars they are able to do, typically working through around 2 a day, this team has been training for the World Cup ever since this team was formed. This team looks very impressive, and without a doubt one of the favorites in this group, definitely looking strong chemistry and teamplay wise. This is the team that seems the hungriest to win it all, practicing since the day it was formed, this team is very eager to win it all and obtain practice and bring it home for their country. Players such as Maq, who has been practicing bagging for a long time and becoming a strong bagger for this group stage, and to compete at high levels with his USA teammates.



Undetermined main lineup, however the projected lineup:  Tricks, Mikey, JaS, neuro, Spart

Team Canada going into this group stage was looking initially like the favorite to win all of the world cup, and still looks like a very strong team, however, outside of the phenomenal Tricks, Mikey and JaS big three, Canada is in dire need of a strong 4th runner if they truly wish to win it all. Runners such as neuro, who has recently gone inactive, but was once a very prominent Canadian runner in 2017 and 2018, Tyler, a former top tier champion player for Relapse, and Kyle, known time trialer who has made a comeback to the game to regain his status. Additionally, seen from the recent wars Canada has played versus Team USA East, Spart could have some trouble dealing with other baggers in this group, such as Maq, who seem to have his number when it comes to outbagging and obtaining shock against Spart. As a whole, this team has a world of potential, but all needs to come together for the Big 3 in order for this team to make it far throughout the tournament.


Unconfirmed lineup team, but the projected lineup: Gabriel, Insane, Pix, Sinclair, Aditya

The dark horse of the group, Team Asia looks to make their mark, as a group of underrated players from the community and an overall underrated team in the entire tournament, look to upset the major competitors of the group and advance onwards. Generally, Team Asia, a new addition to the MKWC, is somewhat of an instant team, with a lot of these players not having a ton of experience playing with each other, or even in the division that much of the other players in the Group is held to. This team is held to a different standard, and many of them are looking to prove the doubters wrong and show the rest of the teams in the MKWC they are a force to be reckoned with. 


Unconfirmed lineup team, but the projected lineup: Sal, Dugo, Nico, Lodon, Kyon

A team that completely tore up the play in stage, Team Italy is looking very dangerous coming into this group. As a team that performed very well and had many of their players score extremely well in the process, such as Sal, who averaged nearly 138 points in the span of 3 wars, this team could be a very big upset team in the making. This team is not to be slept on however, with the chemistry coming in from a lot of these players who played in Battle Alliance, and the ability to play as a team, so that all players are able to do what they do best in game, as Dugo cleans the floor with many players in the pack, often dropping back and making sure that these players will not pass Dugo or reach the front, where the rest of his team resides. This team, along with Asia, is a force to be reckoned with, and should not be taken lightly throughout these group stage matchups.

Who Wins?

Final Standing Predictions

  1. Team USA East
  2. Team Canada
  3. Team Italy
  4. Team Asia


Overall, as a player who has warred against Team USA East, I feel like they are the heavy favorite in Group C of the MKWC. This team has all that it needs going their way, not only is their teamwork and communication some of the best in this group, they also have the best bagging ability among this group, with Maq and Prove holding it down in the back for the USA. Team Canada I believe will also make it through, as they hold a large axe over the head of Team Italy and Team Asia respectively, with Mikey, Tricks, JaS and the rest of team Canada looking to bring it home and onto the next stage. Unfortunately for Team Italy and Asia, this is looking like a two person group, with USA-East and Canada having a fair share of superior talent, and abilities some would say are superior to the teams of Asia and Italy. With USA East having the running power of Shawn and Kasper, it does not look easy in the front for any of these teams, team Canada having the best chance to combat with their Big 3, however team Italy and Asia might not have the easiest time playing their opponents correctly.